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Peugeot DAM number.
18, February, 2018, 10:58: *
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Author Topic: Peugeot DAM number.  (Read 82987 times)
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« on: 18, May, 2010, 22:50: »

Hello everyone. I'm new to this forum and here is my first Peugeot question. I hope that some Peugeot literate forum member will be able to give me an answer.

What is the DAM number? Where can I find it on my car and what does it mean?

This forum seems to have  good answers to most questions.

Thank you very much in advance?

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« Reply #1 on: 24, May, 2010, 20:35: »

The Peugeot DAM number represents the day of manufacture of the vehicle.

The first time the DAM number was used was on the 1. January 1993 with the number 5898.
The DAM number counts the days from the above date. So it is possible to find the exact day
when a vehicle left the manufacturing plant.

Up to the 25. March 2004 the DAM number is a 4 digit number. 9999 on that day.
The number 10000 is the 26. March 2004.

The DAM number on later vehicles also contains the encoding for the manufacturing plant where the vehicle was built.
Below is an example of a DAM for a vehicle built on the 16. July 2004 in Mulhouse (FR)


The last 2 digits (88) is the code for the plant. The other 5 digits (10112) is the date of manufacture.

Below is the first example of a DAM number.
On later model vehicles the number can be found on a placard together with tyre information and paint code.
The sticker can usually be found in the door jam or on the door.
Older cars have the number painted on one of the strut mounts under the bonnet.
On the N5 Peugeot 306 it can be found on a sticker on the back of the bulkhead.

Below is an example of a Peugeot 306 N3.
The number is painted on the strut tower.

The Below image shows the DAM label location on a Peugeot 306 N5

How do I find this number on my car?
What is the DAM number used for?
More information regarding this topic is coming. Please check back soon.

Calculator for download.

Due to the numerous requests with regards to DAM numbers
and build dates we had a calculator made up for our members.
It is a MS Excel spreadsheet with all the right formulas that
convert the DAM number into the build date. Very easy to use.

You can download it here and support this website: Peugeot DAM number calculator
A neat little toy for Peugeot owners, although you may only use it once.
Anyway, we recommend it if you enjoy that sort of thing.
The download is small, safe and easy to get to. Meaning you don't have
to turn in circles before you get to the actual download.

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