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307 Heater problem.
20, January, 2018, 09:11: *
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Author Topic: 307 Heater problem.  (Read 54473 times)
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« on: 14, August, 2010, 22:26: »

I own Peugeot 307 built 10/02/2006 with a dual split air conditioning heater system.

The problem is that sometimes the left side blows very hot air while the right side is cold. This happens with the temperature being set the same on both sides. First I wasn't sure if there is a problem but now it is getting worse and I know this can't be right.

My mechanic who is not a Peugeot expert told me that this could be a very expensive repair, possibly involving the removal of the dash fascia and the heater A/C unit.
Does anyone out there know something about this problem. Perhaps it is a known issue and there is a known fix that does not cost the world.
I would really appreciate anyones input on this.
Thank you in advance to the nice person who is going to take the time.
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« Reply #1 on: 22, August, 2010, 13:18: »

Peugeot 307 Temperature control not working.
307  CAN/CAN with split heater/AC stem with DAM from 10374 to 10737.

The fault usually lies with one or both mixer flap servo motors.
There is a repair kit available from Peugeot.
The kit allows to repair the worn gears on the air mixer flap.

The part number for the heater flap repair kit is: 6450.XZ
One kit repairs both sides.
Removal of the dash fascia is usually not required

To access the servo motors:
To gain access to the air blend flap servos remove the glove box and the panel under the dash fascia near the steering column.
Remove both servo motors.

Fit the repair gears contained in the kit to both worn gears.
Fit the servo motors with both adaptor plates from the kit.

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