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607 boot lights
18, February, 2018, 10:55: *
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Author Topic: 607 boot lights  (Read 9878 times)
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« on: 08, December, 2012, 19:45: »

G'day Liontamer
Please suggest possible solutions to non-operation of the boot lights.
The globes are OK.

I heard one theory that says the lights are controlled directly by a computer (is that the BSI ?) based on the status of a microswitch in the boot lid that senses when the boot is opened. If the microswitch has failed, the computer doesn't know to switch on the lights.

If so, where is that switch?
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« Reply #1 on: 09, December, 2012, 10:55: »

Peugeot Boot light switch location and operation of lights.

The boot light switch on the Peugeot 607 is integrated with the boot lock assembly inside the boot lid.

The switch controls a signal to the BSI. The BSI operates the lamps according to the switch input.
The switch is provided with a permanent earth from an earth point located at the top behind the left rear passengers back rest.

Pinouts for the switch:

Note: The lock also may contain a motor. This motor has common earth with the switch.

3 way green connector.
Pin 1 wire 6229 from BSI 16 way grey connector terminal 13. This wire carries a + voltage. This could be system voltage perhaps only Volts.
Pin 2 earth, goes to earth point MC65 Behind the rear passenger's back rest.
Pin 3 control supply to the motor, from BSI 40 way black connector terminal 30.

The switch simply operates the light by earthing out the wire 6229 from the BSI. The BSI will then provide power to the globes or cut the power respectively.

To the switch connect a LED probe to terminal 1 at the switch. You should see voltage when the switch is open and no voltage when the switch is closed, meaning it is switching the wire to ground. Meaning the switch is OK.

If no power is at terminal 1 it could mean that the switch if faulty (stuck closed) or the wiring or BSI is faulty.
To check if the switch is faulty, unplug the connector to test. It should now have voltage present if the switch was at fault.
Otherwise check you wiring. If the wiring in the boot lid is OK check first at the BSI 16 way connector pin 13 for output.
If that's OK keep checking your wiring.

If the switch circuit is OK you have to check the boot lamp to BSI circuit.

Make sure each lamp has an earth. If OK check power at lamp.
If now power at lamp check if output is present at BSI 16 way green connector terminal 1.

The lamps have earth from 2 places.
Right lamp same as the switch: MC65 behind the rear passenger's back rest.
Left lamp MC 60 at the wheel arch near the lamp.

The power supply to the left light comes from the right lamp. So start checking at the right lamp.
Check for power at the right lamp terminal 1. This terminal should have 2 wires. One comes from the BSI and the other goes to the left lamp.

I hope this information will help you with your diagnosis of the Boot light.
For legal reasons I am unable to post Peugeot wiring diagrammes..

The Liontamer
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« Reply #2 on: 17, December, 2012, 22:23: »

Voltage conditions on the green connector were not as expected, except when opening the boot lock.

I didn't mention that the lock operation is ok, including the O in 607.

Of the two lights, one is in the centre of the boot and the other on the left side at the rear.

From your description, if there is a cabling fault in the supply to the centre light it would effect both lamps.

I found the centre light to be on a very tight section of cable: not even enough to clear the cutout when I unplugged the lamp assembly. That makes me suspicious. Perhaps its become trapped by the rear window blind mechanism. Do you suggest I reveal that section by removing the parcel shelf lining?

At the BSI I did not find any signal at Pin 13 of the the BSI Grey 16 way connector. That is consistent with no signal at Pin 1 of the green connector at the boot lock.
Does that result pinpoint the root cause?
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« Reply #3 on: 09, June, 2014, 12:48: »

Problem was solved in May 2014 (!)  Embarrassed when I repaired  broken earth wires in the cable form goose neck behind the boot hinge.
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