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P607 2002 Residual problems after exchanging starter motor and cranking battery
18, February, 2018, 11:02: *
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Author Topic: P607 2002 Residual problems after exchanging starter motor and cranking battery  (Read 829 times)
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« on: 13, March, 2017, 07:26: »

After resolving electrical problems due to a faulty starter motor I have two outstanding symptoms that have stumped me.

I replaced the starter motor and the starting battery and reset the BSI.  I have driven over 100km in highway conditions. I have scanned the Fault Codes  using an el-cheapo Diag tool but there were no clues from there. An auto electrician has tested the second Services battery (that he installed 2014) and he says it is still OK.

Firstly, when I use the direction indicators, left and right, they always work but sometimes they flash faster than normal and then I get a blown globe alarm. I can't read the multi-function display (its unreadable at 25C) so I don't know which globes it is reporting. Needless to say I have checked both the front and rear globes and re-seated them all. (but not the side lights). All 6 globes are ok. The flashing is always normal speed when I activate the Emergency Flasher  button.

Secondly, the front and back cabin lights do not work when the car is unlocked or when  a door is opened. The courtesy lights in the bottom of all four doors do work. The map reading lights in front and back will operate when the ignition key is in the first position. But again the front central light does not respond to being switched on.

Can I have some ideas from this community to help me fix these problems? Thanks.
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